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Welcome to Welle Auto Supply

Welle Auto Supply is a 3rdgeneration family-owned business that was started in the small town of St. Cloud, Minnesota as Welle Auto Electric.

altWelle Auto Electric (small gas station with car repair service) was started by Lou Welle Sr. in the 1930’s. That was when car engines had to be rebuilt about every 25,000 miles. They also did electrical rebuilding of generators and magnetos on cars and farm machinery. It was moved to Sauk Centre, Minnesota in 1947. Lou Welle Jr., had been helping his father in the station while growing up. After serving in the army in Europe through 1950, he came back to help his father. Then, in 1955, he took over the business and started buying and selling auto parts along with the service station. In 1959, because the auto parts sales were booming, he decided to open his first auto parts store in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. He ran this until 1965 when General Trading (GTC) bought him out.alt

In 1966 Lou moved his business to Minneapolis, and reopened Welle Auto Supply in a rented building at 37thand Central in north Minneapolis, where he sold auto parts and auto body painting supplies. In 1970 Lou built the current store at 48thand Central Ave in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. This is 9 blocks north of the original Minneapolis store.

In 1980, Lou opened a second store, Welle Auto Supply of Blaine at 129thand Central Ave in Blaine, Minnesota.

Lou retired in 1994, but two of his sons, Rick and Ken have continued on the tradition of supplying quality auto parts and autobody painting supplies to all different levels of mechanics, bodymen, and do-it-yourselfers.alt


Columbia Heights, MN 



Blaine, MN