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Clear Coats

Todays clearcoats are very strong, durable and easy to use.

Look in our product information sheet area (P-sheets) to see which clears meets the conditions that you will be shooting at.

Some clears will dry slowly and give you a better gloss and some will dry more quickly to keep out the dust. Here is a list of popular PPG clears:

PPG Premuim Clears

Premium Clears have more U.V. protection which limits fading of paints. It also has high solids meaning more in fewer coats.

DCU2082 is a speed clear with high solids. Great for smaller jobs or where dust is a problem. Dust free in 4-8 minutes. Air dry in 5 hours.

DCU2042 is PPG's most productive clear. Great for overall jobs. Dust free in 20-30 minutes. Air dry in 8 hours.

DCU2021 is a high gloss clear designed to match OEM finishes. Dust free in 10-60 minutes depending on the hardner. Air dry in 16 hours.

DC3000 is a high velocity, high quality spot and panel clear designed for air dry facilities. Dust free in 5-10 minutes. Air dry in 1 1/2-2 hours

DC4000 is a high velocity high quality overall clear designed for air dry facilities. Dust free in 15-25 minutes. Air dry in 4-6 hours.

OMNI Value line Clears

OMNI clears are the most economical. They have fewer U.V. protectects in them, but are great for the used car market.

MC161 is a high solids, fast drying urethane clear. Dust free in 30-40 minutes. Air dry 16 hours. MC260 is a high solids, fast drying clear made for spot and panel repairs. Dust free in 25-45 minutes. Air dry in 16 hours.

MC270 is a production clear made for quick air dry performance. Dust free in 5-15 minutes. Air dry in 4-8 hours. New Premuim Clears

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