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Dent Removing

Dent Removal Tips

Removing dents from a car doesn't have to be a difficult job. Most dents can be removed the from your car just a little experience, a few tools, and a few hours of work.

Suction Cup

Rubber Suction Cup Rubber Suction Cup

The easiest way to remove dents is by using a paintless method. This only works on shallower dents that are in larger panels and not on body lines.  Press the suction cup against the car to create suction, then pull it back  Do this until the dent pops back into place. You may need to slide the suction cup around to different areas of the dent if the dent is large.

Hammer and Dolly

7PC Hammer & Dolly Kit 7PC Hammer & Dolly Kit

This method of removing dents works well if you have access to the back side of the dent. For dents on fenders, remove the plastic lining inside the wheel wells. For dents in doors, remove the inside door panel to get to them. For dents on the rear of the car, removing the carpet liner in the trunk may reveal the back side of the dent. Use a body hammer and dolly, either wooden or metal) to gently tap the dent out. Place the dolly against the highest point of the back side of the dent. Gently tap the dolly with the hammer until the sheet metal moves back into place. With some dents, a few taps may pop it back into place. On some you will need to put a good amount of pressure on the dolly on the back side, then hammering around the outside edges of the dolly, thus forcing the dent out.

Dent Puller

Dent Puller Dent Puller

For larger dents and dents that you can only get at one side you should use a dent puller. Drilling a series of holes inside the dent, you can screw the dent puller into the holes one at a time. Then using the slide hammer, work your way around the dent, alternating between holes to bring the dent out

Weld-on Stud guns


To use the stud gun, the tip is pressed against the bare steel. When the trigger is squeezed, electric current flows through the tip and fuses the stud to the car body. The dented area needs to be bare metal... all the paint must be removed around the stud location. The bare metal spot needs to be at least the size of a quarter, perhaps bigger. Once the stud is attached to the car body, the stud welder gun is pulled away, leaving the metal rod attached to the car. Some dents can benefit from multiple studs. It's best to install all of the desired studs, let the metal cool, and then do the dent pulling. The dent is pulled with a slide hammer that has a special head that grabs the stud. Give the slide hammer a good whack and the dented metal should pull out. Using a slide hammer takes some practice to develop the right touch. Once the dent had been pounded out apply a thin coating of body filler.